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Drift respects privacy rights and data protection laws. You may only share other people's personal information with Drift, whether directly or through third-party integrations, if you are permitted to do so under applicable law. Drift Privacy Policy

The Drift iOS SDK (written in Swift) allows you to have live chat with your users in your iOS mobile app.





With the iOS SDK, Drift will not behave the same way that it does on a mobile site. Playbooks and Bots are not supported, but your app users can always start a conversation with you!


  • Users can start new conversations right from your app
  • Users can view conversations they've had with your team and send messages
  • In-app alerts show up anywhere in the app when there's a new message from your team


Custom Settings

The color of the top bar will be based on your background color in your customize settings

How it looks

Here's what a conversation list will look like in your app.

Here's what a conversation looks like.

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