Using Drift APIs

We're excited you want to build with us! Here's a bit of direction to find the things you need.

Build an App in Drift

You're in the right place! You can build custom integrations with other platforms or bots for your own Drift. The best place to start is with our Quick Start to Drift Apps documentation and then a deeper dive into our webhook events and contact & conversation APIs

Customizing Drift on your website

You'd want to check out the Browser documentation to learn how you can customize your chat widget. You can programmatically show or hide the widget, start a conversation, schedule a meeting, and more!

Integrate Drift with your platform

Want everyone in Drift to use your tool or platform? We know we do! Check out our quick start to Drift Apps and when you've tested everything and got it running, publish your app on Drift for everyone to use!

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Using Drift APIs

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