Updating a User

You can update users via the Users API.

PATCH https://driftapi.com/users/update?userId={userId}

ex: PATCH https://driftapi.com/users/update?userId=21965

Acceptable Fields for Patch Body

namestringThe name of the user
aliasstringThe alias of the user
emailstring (valid email)The email of the user
phonestring (valid phone)
The phone number of the user
localestringThe locale of the user
avatarUrlstringThe url pointing to the avatar image of the user
availabilitystringone of {AVAILABLE, OFFLINE}

Updating a User

	"attribute_name": new_attribute_val, ...

	data: User (updated)


An example use case

The User API can be used to update the availability of a particular user (or users) programmatically, i.e. via an external system to control users' availabilities.


Updating user roles

User roles cannot be updated via API at this time.