Introduction to Backend APIs

Contacts API

Contacts in Drift are the main storage object for data associated with people external to your organization. A Contact is created as soon as Drift is able to captured identifying information about the individual. The source of a Contact will vary from organization to organization but they general come from Drift conversations, a sync between an external integration, or by direction creation. You can find out more information about our Contacts API Here

Users API

The Users API currently enables read access to information on users/agents in drift for your org. This includes things like current availability, the user's name, the user's email, if that user that posted a reply was a bot, and more.

Conversation & Messaging API

Conversations are the core object in Drift. They represent a series of Messages exchanged between a single Contact and a group of Participants. Participants are generally employees of the organization or a Bot.

Messages make up the meat of a Conversation. They will contain information regarding the text sent and metadata on the sender. You can find more information on our Conversation & Messaging API here

Accounts API

Accounts in Drift are usually those either manually created in Drift, synced from another third party, or created via our API here. These accounts can be used for both personal account tracking and ABM (account based marketing) purposes in the context of playbooks for custom targeting when a contact recognized from a particular account visits your website..

Drift is not a full CRM system, but can be used to connect / provide convenience with account information with other tools such as Salesforce.

GDPR & Data Privacy API

Drift admins can manually request data retrieval and deletion via the Data Privacy section of their settings, but this can be tedious for larger organizations with many requests.

The Data Privacy API provides a way to trigger GDPR requests programatically. Find out more information here

Drift API SDK's that might be of Interest

You can invoke the API's directly via a direct web/https call, we also have some community libraries to help you (if you happen to use python or nodejs). We'd love to see what you build, and we welcome contributions to these libraries as well!

Share with us on our dev slack if you have anything that could be open sourced!

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Introduction to Backend APIs

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