Retrieving a Conversation

The Listing Conversations endpoint is designed for scrolling across the conversations present in an account.

Use this endpoint to get more detailed information about a particular conversation, such as participant IDs, tags, related playbooks, etc.


Will return a Conversation Model response in the data field corresponding to the passed conversationId path parameter if present.

	"data": (Conversation Model)

If no conversation exists in the org with that ID, the response will include a not_found error.

Example API Call


where 116119985 was a valid conversation ID that exists within the organization whose token was included in the header.

    "data": {
        "status": "closed",
        "participants": [
        "contactId": 903182234,
        "createdAt": 1528293067340,
        "id": 116119985,
        "relatedPlaybookId": 63505,
        "inboxId": 116983,
        "conversationTags": [
                "color": "0960C5",
                "name": "test_tag"
                "color": "7695A5",
                "name": "second_tag"
        "updatedAt": 1565798942334