Updating Accounts

Updating an account is fairly similar to new account creation, except that you should specify an existing/known accountId to update in the PATCH body. To update an account, use the following endpoint:

PATCH https://driftapi.com/accounts/update

where the PATCH body is an Account model object with a specified accountId.

        "ownerId": 21965, // owner id (required). Often mapped from Salesforce or other CRM
        "name": "Company Name",
        "accountId": "123458_domain.com",
        "domain": "www.domain.com",
        "customProperties": [
                "label": "My Number", // human readable label of property
                "name": " my number", // name of property
                "value": 1, // custom property value
                "type": "NUMBER" // type of custom property
        "targeted": true

If successful, the newly-updated account object will be returned in the response body.


Keep Property Types consistent

While updating or changing the existing type of a field is allowed, it is not recommended. Drift uses the type of the account field to allow segmentation and filtering in the Accounts UI of the Drift platform. Using/changing different types may break this behavior.


The account id is required to make an update

The accountId of a known account must be included for this request to be successful.

Updating accounts requires the account_write scope.