Retrieving Conversational Landing Pages

By default, bot playbooks can be equipped to be shown as a Conversational Landing Page (CLP).

These can be retrieved as a bulk list in a single API call.


Use cases include:

  • Grabbing urls for display on a website or in another conversation
  • Including a link to a conversational landing page in an email or email signature programmatically
  • Getting information on the playbooks currently configured in a user's account.

The response will be the list of conversational landing pages currently enabled in the connected account.


This is a playbook API endpoint

Requires the playbook_read scope on the drift app token for access.

    "playbookId": (int), // unique identifier of the playbook
    "playbookName": (string), // name of the playbook
    "landingPageUrl": (string) // full url to the conversational landing page


Conversational Landing Page urls are configurable by the customer

In Drift, we allow the user to customize the cname and subdomain of their landing pages - as well as name. Though infrequent, we recommend doing a fresh pull of this list or presenting an appropriate notification or message to the user.


Bot Playbooks Required

If a customer doesn't have bot playbooks (all paid plans) enabled or configured in their account, no results may be returned.


HTTPS redirect coming soon

You'll need to add https to the landing page urls directly currently.