Account Model

Accounts are used in Drift's paid plans, and can be queried/modified using the endpoints described in this section. Accounts can be used for ABM (account based marketing) in Drift, and can be tied to the display conditions of particular playbooks - enabling account specific marketing strategies.

Updating, creating, or deleting accounts will require the account_write scope.

Accessing, searching, or getting accounts requires the account_read scope.


    "data": {
        "ownerId": 21965, // Drift owner id (required). Often mapped from Salesforce or other CRM
        "name": "Company Name",
        "domain": "",
        "accountId": "",
        "customProperties": [
                "label": "My Number", // human readable label of property
                "name": " my number", // name of property
                "value": 1, // custom property value
                "type": "NUMBER" // type of custom property
        "deleted": false,
        "createDateTime": 1531159572668, // timestamp when the account was created
        "updateDateTime": 1533243683493, // last updated timestamp of the account
        "targeted": true

Field Definitions

ownerIdintThe ID of the owner in Drift (should be a known user ID)
namestringThe name of the company
domainstringThe domain of the company
accountIdstringIdentifier for the company (used for lookup)
customPropertieslist[Custom Property]List of custom properties associated with the account.
deletedbooleanIs the account deleted (deleted accounts won't be visible in drift, but are retrievable by id for auditing).
createDateTimelongThe timestamp creation time of the account
updateDateTimelongThe timestamp last updated time of the account
targetedbooleanIs the account currently targeted

Custom Properties

labelstringThe readable name of the property
namestringThe internal name of the property
valueType (type)The value of the propertty
typestringData type of the property. One of {STRING,


Note About Account to Contact Relationships in Drift

Because Drift works to deanonymize visitors through IP address, Contacts are related to Accounts through email and website domain. All Accounts have a unique ID composed of the customer's Drift OrgId and the Account Domain. For example, if the OrgId is 5002142 and the Account has a domain of, the Account Id will be This makes Account Id guessable for Contacts in Drift on the basis of their email.