Common Contact API Errors

Common errors when using the Drift Contacts API

We have a standard list of errors, and corresponding error codes, that you may receive when using the contacts API:

Contact Error CodeHTTP StatusDescription
CONTACT-1404Unauthorized to view contact or not found.
CONTACT-2401Unauthorized to view contact or not found.
CONTACT-4400Malformed contact: Bad http payload construction for updating or creating a new contact.
CONTACT-5500Drift had an unexpected issue processing the request, perhaps check the payload body for formatting or bad field values.
CONTACT-6409Conflict when creating contact. Typically results from a contact already existing with a given id.
CONTACT-7400Attempted to create a contact without email.
CONTACT-8400Attempted to create or update contact without attributes
CONTACT-9400Bad format of contact tags in payload. Common case is that a provided tag name didn't map to known a know tag id.
CONTACT-10400Unrecognized query parameter
CONTACT-11400Generic Bad Request from contact service. Includes custom message.

Error code CONTACT-3 has been deprecated.


Error codes above are not exhaustive

Note you may encounter other errors from the contacts API, but these are typically from other malformed requests, or the API call failed prematurely. These will typically result in 400 responses with other error messages.