User Model

You will see different user types in the User API's described in this section. The word "User" is used to describe internal agents to your organization or account - while site visitors or contacts are those that are interacting from your website.

The schema for User objects is as follows:

User Schema

  "id": int,
  "orgId": int,
  "name": string,
  "alias": string,
  "email": string,
  "phone": string,
  "locale": string,
  "availability": string,
  "role": string,
  "timeZone": string,
  "avatarUrl": string,
  "verified": boolean,
  "bot": boolean,
  "createdAt": long,
  "updatedAt": long

Top Level User Field Explanation

These attributes will be present on the model or absent if the value has not been set.

Field NameDescriptionDescription
idintThe Drift identifier for the user. This is will always be numeric.
createdAtlongA unix timestamp for when the contact was first captured.
namestringThe name of the user
aliasstringThe short hand name for the user (if present)
emailstringThe email of the user
phonestringThe phone number associated with the user
localestringThe locale for the user
availabilitystringDescription of user's current state: one of "AVAILABLE", "OFFLINE", "ON_CALL".
rolestringRole of Drift user: one of "member", "admin", "agent"
timeZonestringTimezone for the user represented as a string (if known)
avatarUrlstringThe url for the user's avatar (profile) image
verifiedbooleanIs the user account verified? i.e. belongs to an actual person / not manually created?
botbooleanIs the user a bot user?
createdAtlongTimestamp (milliseconds) representing when the user was created
updatedAtlongtimestamp (milliseconds) representing when the user was last updated


Users can't be deleted or created via the API

Such actions would potentially affect billing and are not currently supported.