Meeting Model

You will see meetings in the Users API described in this section. A meeting object is used to describe booked meetings to your organization or account through conversations or team pages.

Each meeting includes the time slot of the event, the scheduler ID, contact ID, agent ID, and Drift user ID of the parties involved (amongst other metadata). Information on the schedulers can be obtained via the GET contact and GET users endpoints respectively.

The schema for meeting objects is as follows:

Meeting Schema

  "agentId": int,
  "orgId": int,
  "status": string,
  "meetingSource": string, 
  "schedulerId": long, 
  "eventId": string,
  "slug": string, 
  "slotStart": long (timestamp),
  "slotEnd": long (timestamp),
  "updatedAt": long (timestamp),
  "scheduledAt": long (timestamp),
  "meetingType": string,
  "conversationId:" long, 
  "endUserTimeZone:" string, 
  "meetingNotes:" string, 
  "bookedBy:" int

Top Level Meeting Fields Explanation

These attributes will be present on the model or absent if the value has not been set.

Field NameTypeDescription
agentIdintThe Drift identifier for the user. This will always be numeric.
orgIdintDrift organization identifier. This will be always numeric.
statusstringex:"ACTIVE", state of the meeting
meetingSourcestringex: "EMAIL_DROP", source of where the meeting was booked
schedulerIdlongID of scheduling contact (site visitor)
eventIdstringCalendar event ID.
slugstringMeeting ID
slotStartlongMilliseconds (timestamp). Up to 30 days ago.
slotEndlongMilliseconds (timestamp)
updatedAtlongMilliseconds (timestamp). Last time updated.
scheduledAtlongMilliseconds (timestamp). Time that the meeting was booked by a site visitor.
meetingTypestringex: "New Meeting", stating the type of the meeting.
conversationIdlongConversation ID (if present).
endUserTimeZonestringTimezone ID if present.
meetingNotesstringMeeting notes left by end user if any.
bookedByintDrift ID for the user if present


Meetings can't be deleted or created via the API

Such actions would potentially affect billing and are not currently supported.