Building an app to GDPR retrieve and delete data

Create an app to forward GDPR requests for your organization.

1. Create an app 🛠

Sign in to dev.drift.com and click the large ➕button to create a new application.


2. Request access to GDPR scopes 🔐

Under OAuth & Scopes on the left sidebar, add any required GDPR scopes.

gdpr_read is required to make retrieval requests.
gdpr_write is required to make deletion requests.

GDPR scopes give the application permission to make these sensitive requests.


3. Install 🔌

Install the app in your organization to generate a token to make requests.

Installed tokens never expire. If your token is compromised, uninstall and reinstall the app to generate a new token and invalidate the old one.


4. Make requests 👍

Use the token to perform HTTP requests on GDPR endpoints (see GDPR Retrieval and GDPR Deletion).

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