Building an app to GDPR retrieve and delete data

Create an app to forward GDPR requests for your organization.

1. Create an app πŸ› 

Sign in to dev.drift.com and click the large βž•button to create a new application.


2. Request access to GDPR scopes πŸ”

Under OAuth & Scopes on the left sidebar, add any required GDPR scopes.

gdpr_read is required to make retrieval requests.
gdpr_write is required to make deletion requests.

GDPR scopes give the application permission to make these sensitive requests.


3. Install πŸ”Œ

Install the app in your organization to generate a token to make requests.

Installed tokens never expire. If your token is compromised, uninstall and reinstall the app to generate a new token and invalidate the old one.


4. Make requests πŸ‘

Use the token to perform HTTP requests on GDPR endpoints (see GDPR Retrieval and GDPR Deletion).