Playbook Model

Playbooks are central to Drift and what we do! They are automated message workflows and campaigns that proactively reach out to site visitors and connect leads to your team.

Playbooks qualify all site traffic, route every lead to the right rep, and make it easy for marketers to demonstrate their success. Playbooks are the personalized messages that pop up on when you enter the site and can be customized to fit your use case.

Retrieving information on playbooks via the API will require the playbook_read scope.



    "id": (int), // id for the playbook
    "name": (string), // name of the playbook
    "orgId": (int), // org identifier for the playbook
    "meta": (object), // metadata about the playbook
    "createdAt": (long), // timestamp ms of playbook creation
    "updatedAt": (long), // timestamp ms of playbook update
    "createdAuthorId": (int), // id of the user that created the playbook
    "updatedAuthorId": (int), // id of the user that last updated the playbook
    "interactionId": (int), // identifier for launching playbook via startInteraction api call
    "reportType": (string), // playbook type, ex: BOOK_MORE_MEETINGS
    "goals": [
          "id": (string), // goal id
          "message": (string) // message associated with the goal