User Schema

Provision and manage user accounts with the Drift SCIM2.0 API. SCIM is used by Single Sign-On (SSO) services and identity providers to manage people across a variety of tools, including Drift. It's also possible to write your own apps and scripts using the SCIM API to programmatically manage the members of your workspace.


Please note that the SCIM API and SSO are only available on Drift's paid plans.

Drift supports a SCIM 2.0 user schema like the following. Note that userName and displayName are required:

    "schemas": [
    "userName": "{your_app_username_field}",
    "displayName": "{your_app_displayname_field}",
    "roles": [{
        "value": "{ADMIN_or_MEMBER}",*
        "display": "{ADMIN_or_MEMBER}",
        "primary": true
    "name": {
        "givenName": "{your_app_firstname_field}",
        "familyName": "{your_app_lastname_field}",
        "formatted": "{your_app_displayname_field}"
    "phoneNumbers": [{
            "value": "{your_app_phone_field}",
      "display": "{your_app_phone_field}",
      "primary": true
    "locale": "{your_app_locale_field}"

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