Get Booked Meetings

The booked meetings endpoint returns the booked meetings for an account, across all the drift agents, in a given time range up to a max of 1000 meetings per request, and up to 30 days in the past.


ex: GET

where min_start_time and max_start_time should both be provided as query parameters in millisecond epoch timestamps. Both parameters are required. See below for example:

Requires the user_read scope.

Response Format

  "data": [
  	Meeting (See Meeting Model),

See the meetings model page in this section for information on each of the returned objects.

Example API call

Using a tool called Postman, it's easy to see an API call for getting meetings from start time 0 to the provided max time stamp.


Example API call for getting meetings from start time 0 (which pulls up to 30 days ago) to the provided max timestamp.


Meetings API Limit

The GET meetings API will show historic meetings up to thirty days in the past. Meetings before this will not be returned.